Craft Party! (DIY Letter Door sign)

DSC_0888 (1)

Ahhhhh, it’s been a while since my last post… but it sure does feel good to be back!! This new post is actually a project my sister-in-law and I came up with for a girls-day craft party back in March. We wanted something that was easy, creative and affordable for all our guests to personalize. This monogram door sign is a perfect afternoon project that is customizable for any wall or entryway.

The supplies are as follows:

DSC_0889 (1)

  • Monogram letter – $2.99 (each)
  • Chalk paint – $8.00
  • Copper wire – $4.99
  • Flower embellishments – $1.00 for 3 pack
  • Acrylic paint and brushes (I had on hand)

Total = $17.00, which the chalk paint and wire were enough for 8 projects with a TON left over. (Everything was purchased at Michael’s)

Here’s a glimpse of the pre-party set-up:


For my sign I started off with a base of light  blue chalk paint using a 2″ brush.

I mixed gold and brown, dabbed the excess of the brush and lightly stroked the letter to give it an aged, brush stroke effect.

I painted my last name along the side with a thin brush using black acrylic paint and added flower embellishments with a glue gun.

Lastly, I drilled two small holes and twisted 12″ of copper wire from one hole to the other making a hanger.

VOILA!  A simple, adorable sign for any wall or entryway!

Here is a design made by my sister-in-law,

Craft party Monogram letter

You can customize this for a baby arrival, kitchen decoration, garden accent or room entranceway by using ribbon instead of wire, or other types of embellishments like sports stickers and all sorts of different flowers — the sky’s the limit!

Let me know how this project turns out for you, leave a comment below!